August 08, 2020, 07:19:52 am


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Art theft at the Louvre!

Started by medimus, January 15, 2020, 06:42:46 pm

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(you've probably heard this one before, but...)

An art thief in Paris planned to steal some paintings from The Louvre.  With much careful planning he got past security, stole the paintings, and made his way back to his van.  However, he was captured less than three blocks away when his van ran out of gas.

During questioning, the police asked how he could mastermind such a crime and then make such an obvious error.  He replied, "But monsieur, that is the reason I stole the paintings!  I had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh!"

You might ask how I had De Gaulle to post this.  Honestly, I just thought I had very little Toulouse.


Have you recently become an uncle, Medimus?

And since we're doing art stuff, here's a link to my favorite art museum. Warning: Some of it is NSFW to the extent it resembles a human


Nope.  I'm both masochistic and sadistic.  I like hearing terrible jokes - and I like re-telling 'em.  ;)