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Dissapearing act

Started by Wahledor, December 31, 2017, 10:47:15 pm

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So I wanted to let you guys know why I came back for a little while and then went poof. 

It's all thanks to this little one, my Daughter :)

On December 30, 2017 at the very early hour of 2:58 AM Freya Isabella Rose Arthur was born and she has captured my heart wholly. 

The past couple months have been a wild adventure but I hope I can come back and start playing EQ at least semi-casually soon.  I gotta get Freya trained up to be a bard so she can help her dad and no time like the present. 


Congratulations, to you and your family.

Babies are only babies for a limited time, make the most of it while you can.

Games stay young forever or as long as they exist.

I met someone from the Tindi days yesterday in DH, he say hi how you doing from the Tindi days, I said as Taza ....... I haven't aged a day have I?  That's true, avatars never age, but you know it's not the real world, your daughter is.

Have fun as a father.


Oh my heavens she is so beautiful!! Congrats and Happy New Year!!!


welcome to sleepless nights and lots of poopy diapers!!!!

Greym Greymantle

Congrats and take the time to enjoy them while they are small. They grow up way to quickly.
Rangers don't get lost ! We explore ! â,,¢


Enjoy now while they stay put when you put them down...once they learn to crawl and <shudder> are screwed.

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