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Recruitment Class Openings and Raid Information
« on: November 30, 2010, 03:16:30 PM »
General Information

We raid 5 nights a week, Sunday thru Thursday, from 8:15 until 11:30pm EST.  This is 7:15-10:30 CST, 6:15-9:30 MST, and 5:15- 8:30 PST.  Friday and Saturday are always free nights along with most Holidays. We are DKP based (Dragon Kill Points) for all awarded loots for our members.  The event and item values vary by tier.

Recruitment Information

The following represents our current recruitment goals. First off we expect recruits to raid. Raiding is our major focus as a guild. You will be required to meet 40% raid attendance (~2 nights a week) to progress toward membership within the first month. You will be required to keep the minimum during the first week to continue your recruitment with Frayed Knot. The first week is critical in establishing your genuine interest in raiding and becoming acquainted with the guild. If at any point after that first week, but prior to becoming a full member, your raid attendance falls below 25% you can expect to be removed due to inactivity unless a RO overrides the requirement. Conversely, exceeding expectations will increase your Membership bonus after you pass your vote.

Hybrid Melee - Up to 4 - Bard/BL , Ranger
Healer - 3 - Shaman, Cleric, Druid  OPEN
Tank - 0 - Closed- Warrior, paladin, Shadowknight - CLOSED
Casters - Up to 4 - Wizard, Mage, Necro, Enchanter   OPEN
Melee - Up to 3- Berserker, Rogue, Monk OPEN

Green = Open in high demand  Level 100, 6K AA, 75K HP
Lime Green = Open in demand  Level 100, 8k AA, 100K HP
Black=Open in low demand.  Level 105, 10K AA, over 125K HP
Red = CLOSED. Exceptional Only. Level 105, 12K AA, over 150K HP

As a recruit, you will receive a 100-500 DKP sign on bonus, depending on your class, once you have undergone your entrance healing/DPS parse.  You will also receive another bonus when you are voted into the guild Based on your raid attendance % average for the 30 days prior to your vote. You MUST maintain a 40% average to remain as a recruit.  if there are any problems that come up please speak to an officer so that we can help you. 

 a. If your attendance is at 40% baseline, you and your recruiter will recieve 100 DKP.
 b. If your attendance exceeds 60%, you and your recruiter will receive 200 DKP
c. If your attendance exceeds 80%, you and your recruiter will receive 300 DKP

We may ask you to guest raid with us a few times to ensure that you and Frayed Knot will be a strong match or if our raids are overly full.  Those who do not meet these minimum requirements can still apply, but should speak with Darchi, Espionovsky, or Geibahik or when none are available, any officer for consideration. If you are accepted with less than the minimum requirements, we will expect for you to gain at least a level per week, and to be able to begin regular raiding with us before you will be able to officially begin the recruitment process and progress toward full membership.

Recruitment Expectations

1.  Complete an application.  It is highly recommended that you take some time to make a good first impression by answering all the questions in a clever and insightful manner.  Your application will be viewed by all members of Frayed Knot who will use it as the first source to get to know you better.  Once you submit your application you will be contacted by a Recruitment Officer as soon as possible.  We strive to answer within 3 days.  Make yourself available in-game and on the forums.  If we do not contact you, contact any officer directly as there may have been an issue with your application.

2.  Register on the Forums with your character name as your user name.  There is information on the forums that we will expect you to know.  If anything comes up that will prevent you from meeting your attendance expectations you need to contact a recruitment officer and post it on the forums.

3.  GINA triggers are essentially mandatory for all raids.  Failing to follow emotes will get you removed from the guild.  While it is technically possible to follow emotes without the help of GINA, we strongly recommend you use the tools available to mitigate any potential issues.  You will need to download the program and customize it to best suite your needs.  There are detailed posts on the Forums on how to install and use GINA. 

4.  Set up a Multi-bind.  It is applicable to every class to some extent.  It will help you keep your spells and special attacks on lock out, which means you will have a higher potential output.  While it is not the only method to play, it sets a very high level of performance for relatively low effort and allows players to focus more on the event, instead of what they should be clicking next.  Some excellent examples are found in our forums.  Additional write ups can be found GoBerserker  and  MagesTower.  I recommend moving applicable spells and abilities to hotbar 10, and using the pages to change set up depending on needs.

5.  You need to be able to safely navigate to any zone.  Have current maps.  We recommend Mapfiend and Eqresource.  Making the guild wait on you is BAD.

6.  Maintain at least 40% raid attendance. If at any point during your recruitment period your raid attendance falls below 25%, or if you disappear for 2 consecutive weeks without first speaking to a recruitment officer, your guild membership will be terminated.  Once you reach member status your raid attendance will not be under much scrutiny unless you totally disappear without having developed significant tenure, IE over 150 raid entries.  We will remove members who disappear for extended periods.

7.  You will be assigned a mentor.  We will do some initial and pre-vote assessments via parsing to set a baseline for your improvement.  We want you to succeed and you need to be willing to take direction and coaching.  Your Mentor who will help you with all your concerns and assist you with any questions that occur.

8.  Keys, Flags, and Gear- While we do not require these things to be fully met by recruits, we do expect to see evidence that you have taken the effort to develop your character.  We will help you get the flagging you need to progress and raid with us.  Gear is a natural by-product of raiding.  The more you raid the faster you will get geared up.  Intelligently use your DKP to improve your main.  Do not bid up gear that is focused on other class needs unless you can get it for a bargain.  Melee bidding on caster gear and non-tanks biding on tank gear will be viewed negatively.  Avoid spending DKP on alts.  We need you to improve your main character to be an effective raider first.

9.  NO DRAMA�Did I say NO DRAMA?  It is expected that you treat everyone better than the way you wish to be treated.  We do not tolerate complaining, bad mouthing, slurs, pointing blame, or excessive competitive behavior.  Correct any miscommunication quickly.  We are a team that works as a team.  We strive to maintain an atmosphere where all of our members will excel.

10.  Have a click/potion/AA to shrink, gate, invis and IVU yourself.  EVERYONE is required to shrink for every raid no matter what class you are unless explicitly approved by the raid leader on an event by event basis.  Typically only reserved for the main assist or crowd control. 

11.  Expansions- own them all in a timely manner after the release.  We understand real life and budgeting, but missing expansions will severely limit what you can do with your guild.

12.  Have a good attitude.  You need to have a raider�s outlook on failure.  There are no lessons in victory, but a thousand in failure.  We will wipe on new events and, heaven forbid, occasionally on farm targets.  It is important to keep a positive attitude to keep the raid moving forward and functioning smoothly.

13.  Finally, do not use any macro-hacks, macroquest, or anything like them�EVER.  Do not ask for personal information from members including account information.  To do so will end your membership and you will be reported.


1.   Clerics, Druids, and Shaman- Play as Healers first and foremost.  You need to be able to solo heal your group and help with the Main and Off Tanks.  Just healing your group is not even close enough.

2.   Warriors, Shadow Knights, and Paladins- The only reason to have a tank on a raid is to take a beating so others do not.  This means you must Disc to survive and snap agro on the mobs.  You are a detriment to the raid if you can�t get the mobs attention and survive the encounter.  You must be constantly communicating in channel about your status and making yourself useful.

3.   ALL DPS classes- You absolutely need to excell as DPS.  You must be able to shed aggro and survive.  We do parse so do not slack.  We expect for you to be able to exceed 100k+ burn and 20k+ sustained without any support.

4.   Support classes- You absolutely need to communicate and be prepared for expected events.  If we get adds every X+30 seconds, you MUST be casting on those mobs at X+30.5 seconds.  Coordinate with your groups to optimize their DPS.  Effectively use all of your time doing something beneficial. 


After your 30 day recruitment, a 5 day guild wide vote occurs to determines your acceptance into Frayed Knot.  The options include Yes, No, or More Time.   

If a recruit receives 5 No, the applicant will be terminated. 

If a recruit receives a combination of 5 More Time or No votes, the applicant will get a 2 week extension where a Yes or No vote will be posted.  If the final result has 5 or more No votes the applicant will be terminated.
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