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Author Topic: Recruitment Class Openings and Raid Information  (Read 14711 times)
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Frayed Knot is a progressive Raiding Guild on The Rathe.  We raid 5 nights a week Monday -Thursday from 8:30 to ~11:30 PM EST.  We also raid  Sunday each week for the fifth night at the same times.  This translates to 7:30 - 10:30 CST, 6:30-9:30 MST, and 5:30-8:30 PST.  Fridays are always free nights, along with most Holidays.  Frayed Knot awards loot via an open bid DKP system which is earned through raid attendance.

We pride ourselves on our relationships and our dedication to raiding together, and welcome same-minded people to join us.  However, DO NOT abuse their helpfulness, or you will have to contend with me /RAWR!  

Application will direct you to the Application page.

Register with your Character Name as your User Name.


The following represents our current recruitment goals.  First off we expect recruits to raid.  Raiding is our major focus as a guild.  You will be required to meet 40% raid attendance (~2 nights a week) to progress toward membership within the first month.  You will be required to keep the minimum during the first week to continue your recruitment with Frayed Knot.  The first week is critical in establishing your genuine interest in raiding and becoming acquainted with the guild.  If at any point after that first week, but prior to becoming a full member, your raid attendance falls below 25% you can expect to be removed due to inactivity unless a RO overrides the requirement.  Conversely, exceeding minimum expectations will increase your Probabationary Member bonus after you pass your vote.

As a recruit, when you are voted into the guild as a probationary member you will received a DKP bonus based on your attendance.
     a. For passing the vote, you get a bonus of 100 DKP.
     b. If your attendance exceeds 60%, you will receive an additional 100 DKP, or 200 DKP total.
     c. If your attendance exceeds 80%, you will receive an additional 100 DKP (to the 60% attendance level) or 300 DKP total.

We are looking for evidence of a developed character and a great player personality to match.  Those who do not meet these minimum requirements can still apply, but should speak with Scyt or Scot, or when neither are available, any officer for consideration.   If you are accepted with less than the minimum requirements, we will expect for you to gain at least a level per week, and to be able to begin regular raiding with us before you will be abe to officially begin the recruitment process and progress toward full membership.

In order to submit an application, you will need to register with your character name as your user name.
 If you were referred by a member, make sure to include them in your application so they can get a bonus too.

Register with your character name as your user name.

Contact a Recruitment Officer!-

Bard - 3+ I'd say one for every group, bards are so nifty, but I'll try to be reasonable to start
Beastlord - 2+ WTB SE!  Also Ferocity!  And DPS!  
Berserker - 1 DPS and ADPS would be a nice bonus, our guild leader would like to have some company...
Cleric - 3+ Who doesn't want serious overkill with clerics
Druid - 1 I love druids, so I am all about adding more to the treehugger club.
Enchanter - 1 We seem to love enchanter oriented strats, so having talented enchanters is good.
Magician - 3+  More Mod Rods plz!  Also fun turd herds!
Monk - CLOSED Monks, the tanking class you don't have to heal!
Necromancer - 2 Dots are always fun, especially on mobs that mem blur themselves.
Paladin - CLOSED 1 Splash heals and tanking, what a combo!
Ranger - CLOSED Behold the power that is ranger awesomeness!
Rogue - 1+  Always need some talented rogues around to hide warrior corpses.
Shadow Knight - CLOSED If you are clueless kiting or off tanking you had better be willing to figure it out.
Shaman - 2+  ADPS Epic and healing all tied up in one nice package.
Warrior - CLOSED  Must be willing to die with the best of the best!
Wizard -3+ BOOM!  Need I say more?

While we love to make new friends and to build our guilds thriving and friendly atmosphere, we also want to ensure that we are able to provide a fun and rewarding experience for our members by keeping our waiting lists relatively short so that everyone can participate regularly.  Consequently, for those classes that we do not have a specific recruitment goal, you will need to be referred to us through our current membership for consideration or demonstate that you are a strong and capable player.  We may ask you to guest raid with us a couple times to ensure that you and Frayed Knot will be a strong match for each other.

Additional Notes -
We expect for:
Clerics, Druids and Shaman: Play as healers first and foremost.  Debuffs really don't matter on trash mobs that last for 15 seconds.  You need to be able to solo heal your group and help with the MT/Off Tanks.

Warriors, Shadow Knights and Paladins - The only reason to have a tank on a raid is to take the beating so others do not.  This involves 2 parts.  Disc to survive first, and then snap agro on the mob...... you must do both.  You are a detriment to the raid if you can't obtain the mobs attention and survive the encounter.  

DPS - You absolutely need to outdps tanks.  Learn how to synergize with your group and know what your class websites look like and the resources found there.  Contribute to being the best and show us how good you are behind your character.  We do parse, so don't slack.  We expect for you to be able to exceed 100k DPS without any support for a burn, and over 20k DPS in a sustained environment.

color code key

Green = Open in high demand  Level 100, 6K AA, 85K HP
Lime Green = Open in demand  Level 105, 7k AA, 90K HP
Black=Open in low demand.  Level 105, 9K AA, over 95K HP
Red = Closed. Exceptional Only. Level 105, 10K AA, over 110K HP

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